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Why Wallace said ‘no’ to the Senate

My next book on Alabama politics will expound on who I believe have been the top 60 political leaders in Alabama over the past 60 ... Read more

Twitter battle dominates Senate runoff

The U.S. Senate runoff between former Auburn football coach Tommy Tuberville and former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions was put on hold by the coronavirus. Read more

Back to the simpler times

On the kitchen wall, I have wooden plaque a friend made for me. There’s a little pigtailed girl hanging “by her feet” from a tree ... Read more

Will these things ever change?

The killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin ignited nationwide protests. Read more

Fierce beauty lies in silence

An editorial cartoon stuck home with me this week. The Statue of Liberty stood sadly viewing the chaos in today’s world and that’s exactly how ... Read more

Just how much is $1 trillion?

Many years ago, the City of Troy installed a new water tank that contained an almost unbelievable number of gallons of drinking water. Read more

Hubbard’s conviction finally upheld

Over the past four years during my travels and speaking events over the state, the most asked question posed to me has been, “Why in ... Read more

Stay strong; stay safe

As we enter the 11th week of the Coronavirus Pandemic, we are still faced with an abundance of change. Read more

Did the lockdown save lives?

In March, states undertook dramatic and unprecedented measures to stem the spread of the SARS2-COV virus.  And yet COVID-19 has claimed 100,000 lives in the ... Read more

Pandemic highlights what we take for granted

What The Bogota Post got right about America before COVID-19 rings just as true during the pandemic – maybe even more true. Read more

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