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Defense spending remains important for Alabama

During the Great Depression and coming out of World War II, the deep south had immense power in Washington. We were fortunate to have a ... Read more

Seniority vs. Senility: How old is too old for senators?

Our senior senator, Richard Shelby, will be remembered as Alabama’s most prominent senator when he retires next December. Folks, that’s saying a lot because we ... Read more

Pink plastic and best friends

Trudging inside with a week’s groceries in pink plastic bags, my thoughts turned back to my early teenage years and my best friend Dinah. She ... Read more

Stories are told

As far back as I can remember, we had an indoor toilet. Before I can remember, I’m not sure. But many of our relatives had ... Read more

Pandemic has been stressful, tough

Throughout the last 20 months you may have heard me say this Covid-19 Pandemic is not a sprint, but a marathon.  Well, no one imagined ... Read more

Prison issue tackled; New prisons on the way

The problem of overcrowded prisons is a dilemma that has been facing Alabama for close to a decade. It was not something that Kay Ivey ... Read more

Living with COVID has a toll

For nearly two years now, Americans have lived with SARS-CoV-2. We know it better than we once did. We know that it can set off ... Read more

We now have a very youthful judiciary in state

Our senior senator, Richard Shelby, has left an indelible legacy and imprint on our state.  Every corner of the state has been the recipient of ... Read more

I just don’t get not taking vaccine

So, I am continually amazed, or maybe dumbfounded is a better word, as to why folks are still reluctant to take the COVID-19 Vaccine. I ... Read more

Huntsville grows to state’s largest city

Huntsville has rocketed past Birmingham as Alabama’s largest city.  It is not named the Rocket City for nothing.  The Census Bureau had been predicting this ... Read more

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