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I wish I shared Mama’s pecan joy

Mama liked to pick up pecans. Read more

What is the future of the American project?

Former Vice President Joe Biden has won a narrow victory in the Presidential election.  President Trump, however, claims the election was stolen through fraud. Read more

Enough said? Maybe it’s quiet time

Maybe, I’m just simple minded. Read more

Where’s Lil’ Orphant Annie?

On the Halloween nights of my childhood, Eunice would look off into the darkness the sun had left behind and say in her slow, low ... Read more

COVID cases continuing to climb

As the number of cases again climbs throughout the United States, this is not the time to become complacent. Read more

It’s almost time to cast your ballots

Well, folks, it is finally here.  The presidential race is next Tuesday. Read more

Horrors of Oct. 31 past

Of all the holidays of my childhood, Halloween was my very favorite. Ghosts, goblins, haints, witches on broomsticks, howling black cats, devils with pitchforks and ... Read more

This is a critical election for Americans

Americans face a crucial choice during and after this November’s presidential election.  Perhaps more significant than the contest between Donald Trump and Joe Biden is ... Read more

That’s Nall, Folks!

Rubin, Rubin, I’ve been thinking what a dull world this word be if the “characters” were all transported far beyond the Norther Sea. Read more

Pandemic vs. lockdown: Which is worse?

COVID-19 has killed over 200,000 Americans while policies to stem the virus’ spread have caused enormous economic and societal harm. Read more

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