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My robot tried to kill me

When I was a child, my fascination for mechanical devices took root at an early age. My father always seemed to be working on something. ... Read more

Ten habits to avoid data loss

Recently, I worked with a group who suffered an enormous data breach. The company realized something odd was afoot when payroll checks began to bounce. ... Read more

Facebook officially adds dating service

Last week, to some fanfare, Facebook announced the launch of Facebook Dating in the United States. I admit when I saw the press release, I ... Read more

Are Russians really stealing our faces?

In 2017, yet another image altering application was deployed for the Apple iOS and Google Android platforms. The app was called FaceApp. The app wasn’t ... Read more

Improve your mobile phone security

Recently, I spoke at a business forum.  The topic was small business cyber-security.  The organizer of the event asked that I address common cyber-security pitfalls, ... Read more

Cybersecurity travel tips

Now that summer is here, the sweltering heat has enveloped the South, and, of course, we begin heading to even hotter destinations: gulf coast beaches. ... Read more

Florida city held hostage by hackers

By Greg Price On the extreme eastern coast of Florida, near West Palm Beach, sits Riviera Beach, a city of over thirty-two thousand.  I visited ... Read more

What’s up with WhatsApp?

Are the bad guys winning? Or have software designers gotten lazy? Either way, it’s been a rough year for technology enthusiasts. With each day, another ... Read more

Are ‘Whispered’ secrets really private?

The popularity of social media sites is obvious.  However, as their popularity increased, many became concerned about the over-sharing of personal information. In particular, many ... Read more

Tales of a virtual kidnapper

A few weeks ago, I received a bizarre call to my mobile phone. CallerID revealed that I was, in fact, calling myself. Now, I must ... Read more

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