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Friday Night Lights meant a glorious time

High school football is not supposed to be played in August. Folks should be swimming in the creek and eating watermelon. The first night of ... Read more

Please get COVID shots

I have the honor and privilege to serve as the CEO at Troy Regional Medical Center. When I arrived, Jan 6, 2020, I only had ... Read more

Labor Day marks the beginning of political season

This long hot and wet summer is coming to a close, and Labor Day is on the horizon.  Labor Day weekend will not only mark ... Read more

COVID threat is real

All 67 counties in Alabama are currently at high risk of Covid-19 spread. All 67 …. High risk. Read more

Shelby’s U.S. Senate seat is an important state race

The field may be set for the race to fill the Seat of our iconic senior U.S. Senator, Richard Shelby.  Read more

The duel at Snider Mill

Pike County is a storehouse of legends, lore and lies. And, what better time to pull them out and strow them around than during Pike ... Read more

Dramatic rise in COVID cases

This week’s message is very emotional for me to write. I lost my mother earlier this week after a short, but serious illness. She was ... Read more

Gov. Kay Ivey should coast to re-election in 2022

For over a year I have been touting the fact that the 2022 election year in the Heart of Dixie was going to be the ... Read more

Carrying a tune in a bucket

Every Saturday night of my young life was spent sitting at Mama’s knees listening to the Grand Ole Opry from Nashville, Tennessee. Read more

Making a silk purse from a sow’s ear

Just exactly when Sammy Johnston came to town, I’m not sure. And, why our grandmother invited him to come play with my cousin Jimmy and ... Read more

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