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America means freedom to them

A friend of mine can’t for the life of him understand why some Americans are clamoring to replace capitalism with socialism. Read more

Understand the source of our prosperity

Our world is more prosperous than ever, or at least was before the economic disruption from COVID-19.  The ongoing search for a vaccine or cure ... Read more

Should we really trust the experts?

Experts in public health and epidemiology have driven policy making during the COVID-19 pandemic.  How much should we trust experts?  Critics dismiss Republicans who voice ... Read more

Conventions will be anticlimatic

The presidential race is onward.  It will be incumbent Republican Donald Trump vs. former Vice President and 36-year veteran Democrat, Delaware U.S. Senator Joe Biden ... Read more

The raft of God is comin’

As a young boy, Civil Rights leader and Georgia Congressman John Lewis would preach to the chickens. That story was told many times during the ... Read more

Ballot set for November general election

The field is set for the November General Election and more than likely the races were decided on July 14.  We had some good races ... Read more

John Lewis’ ‘listening ear’ was a gift

While still a young man, John Lewis became a nationally recognized leader. By 1963, he was dubbed one of the Big Six leaders of the ... Read more

Lewis’ death prompts memories

To the editor: In the wake of John Lewis’ death I was reading articles and happened on one you published in February of this year ... Read more

Rethinking how we deliver medical care

Governor Ivey imposed a statewide mask mandate last week as Alabama’s intensive care units (ICUs) approached capacity.  Read more

Mask up, Alabama, for all of us

As we start the first week of Governor Ivey’s newest initiative calling on every Alabamian to wear a face covering / mask when in a ... Read more

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