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Is healthcare a human right?

The debate over government’s role in health care and “Medicare for All” frequently revolves around whether health care is a human right.  We establish government ... Read more

Why is education a cyber-target?

By Greg Price As a computer technologist, an innate bias envelops the word “technology”; whenever I hear the word, I immediately think of computers, software. ... Read more

The freedom to pump gas

Illinois state representative Camille Lilly recently sponsored a bill to restrict self-service gasoline stations. New Jersey and Oregon already ban self-service gas, although Oregon exempts ... Read more

App causes election to run amok

A simple definition of technology follows: the application of resources to achieve a goal. Often, the goal is a scientific endeavor, other times, it’s an ... Read more

So you want to start a business?

Economic freedom allows people to buy, sell, invest and use their property to pursue life goals. Many Americans aspire to exercise this freedom to start ... Read more

Antivirus program runs afoul

The internet is riddled with all sorts of wickedness.  The opportunity to encounter malicious content is ever-present.  Protecting our technology and digital presences is a ... Read more

My robot tried to kill me

When I was a child, my fascination for mechanical devices took root at an early age. My father always seemed to be working on something. ... Read more

Ten habits to avoid data loss

Recently, I worked with a group who suffered an enormous data breach. The company realized something odd was afoot when payroll checks began to bounce. ... Read more

Facebook officially adds dating service

Last week, to some fanfare, Facebook announced the launch of Facebook Dating in the United States. I admit when I saw the press release, I ... Read more

Are Russians really stealing our faces?

In 2017, yet another image altering application was deployed for the Apple iOS and Google Android platforms. The app was called FaceApp. The app wasn’t ... Read more

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